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By Chris Ciappa
Online editor

Thank you for visiting our Web resource for small/home business start-up ideas. BocOnline.com has been in business and online Since late 1995 and had a more complete working site early in 1996. We have always been and remain to this day committed to helping others achie positive results in their small businesses, home based businesses or business opportunities.

When BocOnline.com first began search engines as we know them today did not exist and and web browsers were in their infancy. Opera and Mozilla were the hot browsers and the very first version of Microsoft's Internet explorer had just been introduced.

Needless to say, BocOnline.com has been around a while, has a solid reputation, and has a long history of providing services to small and home based business entrepreneurs.

Our Site
On our web site you can expect to find many of the worlds most exciting business start-up ideas and opportunities. The variety of our content is built into various sections and categories that can be searched through quickly and easily. Our main purpose is to provide you with a unique site packed full of business opportunities as well as resources, tools, and technologies that can help any entrepreneur in building their small or home based business or opportunity.

The content on our site is updated regularly and goes far beyond what web surfers will find nearly anywhere else on the internet. We offer a chance for web surfers to find reliable and useful information with a few clicks of the mouse.

Some other unique highlights our Web site offers:

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Our staff consists of:
  • Chris Ciappa - Online Editor, President

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